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3rd Girls und Panzer das Finale Film’s BD/DVD Include Original Video Anime – News


Also: 3rd film’s 4DX/MX4D screenings slated for October 8, with future films’ 4DX/MX4D screenings running separately

The official website for the six-part Girls und Panzer das Finale film series revealed on Friday that the third film’s Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases will include a new original video animation (OVA) titled “Daikon War!” The release will ship in Japan on December 24.

The site also announced the start date of the third film’s 4DX and MX4D screenings, October 8. In addition, the site noted that going forward, the film series’ subsequent 4DX and MX4D screenings will no longer compile two episodes each, and will only show a single episode. When the six-part film project was first announced, the 4DX and MX4D screenings were initially intended to compile two of the films together into a single screening after their regular screening run. This is now only true for the first and second films.

The site is streaming a promotional video for the new screenings.

The third film opened in Japanese theaters on March 26.

The first Girls und Panzer das Finale film opened in Japan in 59 theaters in December 2017. The film features new characters from BC Freedom High School as they engage in a winter battle.

The second film opened in Japan in June 2019. The film depicts the finale of the battle between Ooarai Girls Academy and BC Freedom High School, and also shows the battles for Kuromorimine Girls Academy, Pravda Girls High School, and other schools.

Sayaka Sasaki performed the opening theme song “Grand symphony” for the first three episodes. ChouCho, who performed the opening theme song for the television anime and the 2015 film, is returning as the opening theme song artist for the project’s last three episodes.

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