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Akito Aihara’s New Normal Manga Gets English Release on BookWalker – News


Manga tells story of future where wearing masks becomes commonplace

BookWalker Global began releasing Akito Aihara’s New Normal manga digitally in English on Saturday. The manga’s first six chapters are available now.

In the manga’s story, masks have become commonplace in the future, and just showing your mouth to someone of the opposite sex has a special significance. The story follows a boy and girl; the girl, Natsuki, is secretly fascinated with the pre-pandemic world. When her classmate Hata spots her without her mask, they begin a clandestine relationship where they show each other their faces underneath the masks when they are out of view from others.

FunGuild’s Comic Owl imprint published the manga’s first compiled volume in Japan on July 19.

Source: BookWalker Global via @MangaMoguraRE


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