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All 3 Members of WANIMA Band Test Positive for COVID-19 – News


Upcoming performances canceled/postponed

The official website for rock band WANIMA (One Piece Stampede anime film’s theme song) reported on Wednesday that all three members of the band – Kenta Matsumoto (KENTA), Kо̄shin Nishida (KO-SHIN), and Kо̄ki Fujiwara (FUJI) – have tested positive for the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19). KO-SHIN and FUJI had a fever on Tuesday, so all members took a PCR test, including KENTA who had no symptoms. They are receiving medical treatment and follow-up in accordance with the health center.

The band is canceling the upcoming “Ongaku to Higetachi 2021 -Natsu no Yakusoku-” and “Rush Ball 2021” performances, which were scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, respectively. In addition, the band is postponing the “Cheddar Flavor Tour 2021” in Kyoto, which was scheduled for August 31.

In February 2020, a COVID-19 patient had attended one of WANIMA’s concerts in Fukuoka, prompting the band to cancel subsequent events.

WANIMA performed the theme song “GONG” for the One Piece Stampede anime film.

Sources: WANIMA’s website, Music Natalie


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