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Anime Limited Launches Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Blu-ray for Pre-Order – News


Set is available for pre-order, pre-order copies will ship from approximately December 6

Anime Limited has announced details of its Neon Genesis Evangelion Ultimate Edition Blu-ray, which are available for pre-order at the above link. Ultimate Edition pre-orders will ship at around December 6.

The Ultimate Edition release will also have 5,000 copies (one copy per customer) available in North America exclusively through the GKIDS Store for US$275. The set is currently sold out as of the time of writing.

The set will contain the 26-episode Neon Genesis Evangelion television series and the films Evangelion: Death (True)2 and The End of Evangelion.

The set is limited to 1,500 copies for the UK and Ireland, and will be sold exclusively through the All The Anime Store. The Blu-rays will reproduce the series in 1080p HD.

The pre-order price of the set is £199.99, applying during the pre-order period from August 19 to December 6. After December 6, 2021, the set will have an SRP of £299.99.

The set will contain Official Dub and Subtitled versions, and extra set of discs including the Classic Dub and Subtitled versions for both the TV series and the films. Evangelion: Death (True)2 and The End of Evangelion.

This release will not include the song “Fly Me to the Moon.”

It will also include the following extras:

  • A 156-page book including promotional posters and artwork, a glossary of Angels and EVA units, a timeline, credit lists, and surveys of the 26 TV episodes;
  • Eleven double-sided 12×12″ art boards featuring replications of the artwork from the Japanese LaserDisc release;
  • A limited edition resin paperweight modeled on Sachiel, the 3rd Angel (and the first angel featured in the series);
  • A double-sided guest ID Card featuring the NERV logo and a 450mm lanyard with the Magi System’s “EMERGENCY” indicators.

Bonus on-disc features include the “Video format version” of The End of Evangelion; Japanese Voice Auditions; Genesis 0:0 In the Beginning; an Image Board Collection; animatics for episodes 9, 15, and 18 to 26; Genesis 0:0′ The Light from the Darkness; a deleted live-action scene and a “final scene alternate take” for The End of Evangelion; and music videos.

Update: Added North American GKIDS Store release. Source: GKIDS Store


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