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Application of LCD 3D Printing in the Animation Industry – Advertorial


In recent years, as the 3D printing industry grows, the cost of LCD 3D printers and photosensitive resins has gradually decreased, making it one of the ideal choices for making animation molds. In addition, 3D printing technology replaces “manual manufacturing” with “digital printing”, which has greatly reduced the cost and time during the manufacturing process.

For animation enthusiasts, animation figures can be an important part of the animation enthusiast’s life style. But in real life, figures are expensive, and not all anime lovers can afford to become figure collectors. If you have a LCD 3D printer, you can 3D print animation figures yourself, and become a collector of anime figures.

The HALOT-ONE LCD 3D printer opens the door to a new world for collectors of animation figures. Users can replicate their favorite anime characters with 3D printing software. It only takes a few hours to print out a model with high consistency, high precision, and excellent surface quality. The HALOT-ONE is suitable for this type of small quantity, low cost, and personalized production.

The HALOT ONE is also specially made for professional creators within the animation, comics and gaming industries. HALOT-ONE adopts a new generation of self-developed integral light source technology, which adopts a reflection integral structure to achieve a precise optical layout. The light source power is up to 100W, while the light source energy is up to 3800uw/cm², increasing the uniformity to more than 80%! The integral light source technology makes the 3D print curing of animation and game models more precise and accurate and improves gloss and accuracy in an all-round way.

HALOT-ONE makes the design and production of prototypes of animation figures more efficient and enriches the production effect. HALOT-ONE is equipped with a new chip, high-performance motherboard, and upgraded data processing performance, which significantly improves printing efficiency and saves time. At the same time, to meet the needs of users requiring large sized prints, the maximum printing size of this machine is 127x80x160mm, providing more flexibility for different projects.

HALOT-ONE Z-axis adopts dual configuration of double-line guide rail + ball screw. The column profile is widened and thickened, and the body is more stable. It enables the accurate operation of the whole machine at the micron level, effectively eliminating the printing layer pattern, and the surface of the printing model is smooth and the texture is more delicate.

In order to let novice users get started quickly, the operation of HALOT-ONE is simple and easy to use, and the self-developed slicing software is easy to operate without any barriers. HALOT-ONE has a built-in wifi module, which can be controlled remotely through the Creative Cloud APP to monitor and manage printing in real time.

Technical Specifications and Pricing


The following are the technical specifications of the HALOT-ONE 3D printer. The machine can now be ordered through the company’s dealers or through the Creality store website.

Alternatively, Australian customers can purchase the system on Flora Livings,while those in Europe can purchase the 3D printer on Alza. To find out more about Creality’s HALOT range, visit the Facebook page here.

The emergence of LCD 3D printers has opened up a new path for the animation industry, and the production process has become more convenient, and free. HALOT-ONE combines animation and games with 3D printing, transforming elements from the virtual world into real objects, and acting as a bridge between the imaginary world and the real world. For more information about HALOT-ONE and LCD 3D printers, please follow or contact us on Facebook, thank you!


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