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Bemani Composer TAG Leaves Konami After 15 Years – News


Composer, chart writer debuted on Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2

Konami composer TAG (Yasuhiro Taguchi) announced on Monday that he has left the company after 15 years, and is now a freelance music composer.

TAG is a prolific composer for Konami‘s Bemani brand of rhythm games. The composer made his debut writing charts for the Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2 game. Some of his most notable compositions across all Bemani games include “She Is My Wife,” “El Dorado,” “Alstroemeria,” “GERBERA,” and “POSSESSION.”

TAG has composed under a number of aliases in the games, including Super Star Man Mitsuru, Super Heroine Ayaka, Capacity Gate, TAG underground, and Climax of Maxx 360.

Image via TAG’s Twitter account

Source: TAG’s Twitter account via Siliconera


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