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Episode 986 – One Piece


Not to sound too impatient, but it feels like we’re finally seeing a bit of payoff on this scene with Zoro and Luffy. I’ve lamented how the last few episodes have seemed to drag, with our peerless captain and first mate wandering around the dance floor rehashing the same flashbacks and motivations more than once. Finally, there is some movement on this front and we get good action sequences along with exciting and fluid animation,

The big standouts have got to be the unique interactions with Apoo. Scratchmen Apoo is one of those characters who seldom sees much screen time but is wonderful and whimsy in that uniquely One Piece way. It’s great to see Oda bring back such an evocative character and have him take the spotlight again. Seeing him interact with Queen, then give Luffy and Zoro a run for their money before engaging with Kid, it all does my heart good. In a way it reminds me of Mr. 3’s appearance at Marineford—a somewhat forgotten character returning to suddenly be relevant again. It’s honestly refreshing to have a non-Haki character show up from the series’ past and give the heaviest hitters a run for their money.

There’s plenty of visual spectacle here too, particularly if you’re a Eustass Kid fan. Wano has been an arc with dozens of new characters and shocking revelations for existing cast members, and I think they have almost all been net positive. However, few characters have enjoyed the glow-up Eustass Kid has, and this episode is just one more serving of Eustass food. The grainy filter over his back signature attacks, more than one fluid reaction shot, and getting to absolutely devastate Apoo—I’m really happy for all the Kid fans out there, they’re winning right now.


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