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futekiya Boys-Love Manga Service Adds 13 TORICO Titles – News


Fantasista, Inc.’s futekiya boys-love manga subscription service announced on Thursday that it has licensed 13 new titles from TORICO. Fantasista, Inc.’s Manga Planet manga subscription service also announced on Thursday that it has acquired three new titles from SOZO Comics.

futekiya will announce release dates for the following titles at a later date:

  • Every Morning at 8 by Yuri Takayoshi
  • Matching Our Answers by Hikaru Murayoshi
  • A Touch of the Love Bug by Juugorou Isaka
  • Accidental Love by Masato Inoue
  • A Tunnel of Spring Rain by Kei Ginkawa
  • Embrace in the School Infirmary by Choko Kabutomaru
  • The Passing Summer by Mitsuba Kurenai and Futaba Aoi
  • Stories from the Shopping District by Samba Maekawa
  • If You Share a Kiss with Asakawa by Sachi Murakami
  • A Tempest of Cage by Mikan Matsumoto
  • Desert Flower by Moka Azumi
  • Crystal Harem by Shinano Oumi
  • Just for the Butler by Tamaki Kirishima

Manga Planet will add the following three titles in September:

  • Fade-Away Bunny by Shiori Kawana
  • Shin Henkei Shо̄jo by DLE/Sean MacPhillips (story), Acky Bright (art)
  • Guardy Girls by D-KEY

Readers are able to read select chapters from the futekiya library for free, and subscribers to the futekiya service can access full volumes. The service currently has more than 150 boys-love titles.

The futekiya service launched in July 2019, and it allows access to its entire library of manga for a monthly fee of US$6.99. The service is also offering licensed dōjinshi and manga by independent artists.

Manga Planet launched in November 2019. The service costs US$6.99 per month and allows users unlimited access to English-translated manga. In addition to manga licensed from publishers, the service offers works licensed from independent artists.

Manga Planet is also working with publishers LEED Publishing Co., Ltd., Bunkasha Publishing Co., Ltd.; Kaiohsha Publishing Co., Ltd.; San-Ei Corporation Co., Ltd.; Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.; Shodensha Publishing Co., Ltd.; Home-sha, Starts Publishing Corporation, K.K. HarperCollins Japan, and MugenUp Inc.

Manga Planet started as a joint project between Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and Fantasista, Inc. in 2012. The companies’ goal with Manga Planet is to “[bring] new manga to fans from all over the world and support artists and the industry.”

Disclosure: futekiya’s Editor-in-Chief Emma Hanashiro worked at ANN as a news intern in 2014.

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