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Isekai Bad Boys Meet in Mushoku Tensei Smartphone Game Collab with Konosuba – Interest


Kazuma and co. join the fray in collab event from September 15

The rascally Kazuma and the rest of KONOSUBA‘s motley crew are joining the world of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation for a limited-time event. The Mushoku Tensei ~Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu~ (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation – I’ll Seriously Try Even If It’s Made Into a Game) smartphone game will hold a KONOSUBA collaboration event starting from September 15.

In anticipation of the collab’s launch, a live web broadcast will be held on September 11 featuring voice actors from both properties: Yumi Uchiyama (Rudeus Grayrat), Ai Kayano (Darkness and Sylphiette), and Jun Fukushima (Kazuma).

KONOSUBA is no stranger to crossovers, being part of the Isekai Quartet franchise alongside Re:Zero, Overlord, and The Saga of Tanya the Evil. In a January interview between Mushoku Tensei author Rifujin na Magonote and Re:Zero author Tappei Nagatsuki, the two complimented each other’s works and said they would love to see the Mushoku Tensei characters in Isekai Quartet.

Mushoku Tensei ~Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu~ is a free-to-play (with fees for in-game items) role-playing game for iOS and Android devices. Developer Aiming and distributor Beaglee released the game on March 27.

Mushoku Tensei‘s first anime part premiered on January 10. The second cour will premiere on October 3.

Natsumi Akatsuki’s KONOSUBA light novel series has inspired two anime television series and a film. A new anime has been green-lit.



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