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Last Gasp Licenses Keiji Nakazawa’s Barefoot Gen Can’t Forget Memoir – News


Publisher to also re-release Nakazawa’s I Saw It autobiographical manga

Last Gasp Publishing announced on Tuesday that it has licensed manga creator Keiji Nakazawa‘s Hadashi no Gen wa Pikadon o Wasurenai prose memoir, with a tentative English title of Barefoot Gen Can’t Forget. Last Gasp will also release Nakazawa’s I Saw It (Ore wa Mita) manga. The publisher will release both books in 2022.

Hadashi no Gen wa Pikadon o Wasurenai is Nakazawa’s prose memoir exploring his experience of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. Similarly, his I Saw It manga explores the same experience in manga form. Last Gasp Publishing stated that its release of I Saw It will “probably” be in color, similar to the earlier 1982 release of the manga by Educomics.

Nakazawa is perhaps best known for Barefoot Gen, a fictional story that nevertheless draws heavily from his experience surviving the atomic bombing. Last Gasp Publishing republished the Barefoot Gen manga in North America. The story has been adapted into two animated films and a live-action television drama special in Japan. Nakazawa passed away in 2012.

Source: Last Gasp Publishing‘s Twitter account


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