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Magic Stage Show-Themed Waccha PriMagi! Anime Casts Kanae Itō – News


The official Twitter account for TAKARA TOMY A.R.T.S and syn Sophia‘s Pretty Series franchise revealed on Friday that the franchise‘s latest television anime, Waccha Purimaji! (Waccha PriMagi!), has cast Kanae Itō as the fairy Tanto-chan. Tanto-chan helps the main characters prepare to appear on stage by changing their clothes and applying makeup.

The Waccha PriMagi! arcade game has cast Riho Iida, Tomoyo Kurosawa, Nanami Yamashita, and Ayane Sakura as the player character. The game launches on October 1.

The series will premiere on October 3 at 10:00 a.m. on TV Tokyo and five of its affiliates.

The new series continues the franchise‘s conceptual motifs of song, dance, and fashion, and it also adds the theme of magic. Middle-school first-year student Matsuri Hibino loves festivals, and she dreams of one day being able to star in “PriMagi,” a magic-like form of stage entertainment borne from song, dance and fashion. That day arrives when the hyper-spirited, trouble-making magician Myamu arrives from the magical realm and scouts Matsuri for PriMagi. Together, the two compete with rivals to rise to the top of PriMagi.

Chinatsu Hirose stars as Matsuri Hibino, and Riko Koike plays Myamu. In addition, the franchise is holding auditions with 1,500 applicants for cast members in the series.

The other cast members include:

Aya Uchida as Hina Yayoi, a third-year student at a middle school that is top-tier in PriMagi

Rie Hikisaka as Chimumu, Hina’s partner magician

Singer Anna Suzuki as Lemon Kokoa, a shy and often flustered second-year middle school student who is also a meticulous PriMagi otaku

Singer Sunao Yoshikawa as Kyaron, Lemon’s partner magician

Umeka Shouji as Amane Sumeragi, a third-year middle school student admired by the younger students

Konomi Kohara as Patano, Amane’s partner magician

Mayu Sagara as Miruki Amauri, a second-year middle school student who dreams of building a “Miruki Cute Museum”

Yui Ogura as Hanitan, Miruki’s partner magician

The staff also teased a mysterious girl named Auru Omega. The winner of the franchise‘s 10th aniversary audition will play her.

Junichi Sato (Sailor Moon, Ojamajo Doremi, Hugtto! Precure) joins the franchise for the first time as the new anime’s executive director, and Kōsuke Kobayashi (Fairy Ranmaru, Idol Time PriPara chief director) is serving as the series director for the first time in the franchise at Tatsunoko Productions and Dongwoo A&E. Chi Man Park (Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live) is serving as chief director, and Fumi Tsubota is returning to the franchise after seven years to supervise the series scripts.

Yumi Nashimoto of syn Sophia is drafting the original character designs, and Sayaka Toda is adapting the designs for animation. Yoshihiro Otobe directs the CG. Hiromi Mizutani is composing the music, and Yukio Nagasaki is directing the sound.

The series will mark the franchise‘s 10th anniversary. The accompanying arcade card game of the same name will debut this fall also.

The Pretty Series began with syn Sophia‘s Pretty Rhythm: Mini Skirt arcade game in 2010. The game inspired four television anime series, as well as five anime films and the spinoff King of Prism franchise. The sequel game PriPara (Prism Paradise) launched in 2014 and inspired four television anime series and four anime films.

The first anime season of Kiratto Pri☆Chan premiered in Japan in April 2018. The second season then premiered in April 2019. The show’s third season premiered in April 2020 and ended this past May. Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired.

Idolland PriPara, the smartphone app and anime based on the franchise, was delayed from this past spring until this summer. It has been delayed again until next spring, although two anime episodes still got ticketed advance streaming on August 18 and September 1.

Sources: Waccha PriMagi! anime’s Twitter account, Comic Natalie, MoCa News


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