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Metal Slug Tactics Game Launches for Switch, PC in 2022 – News


Trailer streamed for newly announced Switch version

Dotemu announced during Nintendo‘s Indie World Showcase livestream on Wednesday that it will release the Metal Slug Tactics game for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in 2022. The company unveiled a trailer:

Dotemu describes the story:

Donald Morden is back! After a long time being hidden in a country opposed to the World Government, he patiently staged a coup d’etat and is finally ready to take revenge upon the World with the army he gathered throughout the years.

The Peregrine Falcons will have to do everything in their power to make it through the enemy lines and take down Morden before we get further into the war!

The game will be a grid-based tactical adaptation of the run-and-gun series. The game will feature returning characters Marco, Eri, Fio, and Tarma, as well as the SVX-15D Slugnoid mech.

Sources: Indie World Showcase, Dotemu’s YouTube channel via Gematsu


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