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Lily’s Puzzles – Peekaboo Car Decal – Bumper Sticker for Cars, Trucks, Laptops & More

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Product Description

Peekaboo Car DecalPeekaboo Car Decal

A Decal Like No Other

Ever feel like your ride is missing a little something?

A little character? A little whimsy? A little something on the side that says, “This is my car”?

If you want to “sneak” in a little fun, why not play a game of peekaboo?

The Peekaboo Car Decal is a fun way to give your car a unique identity and a little sprinkle of fun.

What makes this decal a “decal like no other”? Call it a frustration-free solution.

Decals can be hard to peel off their backing. Or difficult to apply. Some even require 24 hours of drying before you can drive your vehicle again.

It doesn’t matter if you’re slapping this decal on your car, your RV, or your laptop—you want it to adhere reliably.

With the Peekaboo, you won’t be just another car on the road. So why waste your time with the same old decals that are a pain in the neck to apply?

Between the unique character it provides, and the ease with which it installs, our Peekaboo Decal is like no other.

Here’s why you’ll love the Peekaboo…

Car decal on yellow truckCar decal on yellow truck

Seamless, Effortless Fun

Many decals stand out for the wrong reason. Not Peekaboo. The Peekaboo is a slight “wink” at whoever sees it—a sure sign that your sense of humor matches up with theirs. It’s not obnoxious. It doesn’t distract any other drivers on the road. It simply acts as a little wink that says, “Hey, I’m fun!”

Decal with UV protectionDecal with UV protection

UV Protection Laminate

Want your decal to last? Then UV laminate is where it’s at. Our lamination provides a layer of UV protection that keeps the ink from fading and makes this decal weather-resistant. Translation: it will last. You won’t have to worry about a worn-down decal anytime soon.

Easy to apply car decalsEasy to apply car decals

Easy Application

Here’s what everyone forgets: a decal is only as good as its application. If it doesn’t apply well, forget about it. That’s why we’ve used 100% Made-in-the-USA materials to ensure the application is as easy as peel and apply.

Car decal fanaticsCar decal fanatics

Who Are These Mad Geniuses?

What separates us from the other decals available out there?

Simple: we believe in quality. If you buy something like a decal, it should work. It should be easy to apply. You shouldn’t have to tear your hair out just to get a simple decal applied to your vehicle. When you select the right brand, like ours, you sign up for an easy application, a durable product, and years of tongue-in-cheek decal outrageousness.

Seamless, Effortless Fun

UV Protection Laminate

Easy Application

Who Are These Mad Geniuses

Simple To Apply

Clean the car decal areaClean the car decal area

Peel the decal from its backingPeel the decal from its backing

Apply the car decalApply the car decal

Decal looks good!Decal looks good!

1. Wipe

Sounds tough? It’s not. Simply wipe the area clean. No big wash or prep needed. The first step is cleaning the decal area so you have a smooth, non-dusty surface to work with. This will help the product adhere as long as possible.

2. Peel

This one is so easy, it’s barely its own step. Simply peel the sticker off its backing. Don’t deal with frustrating stickers that come apart in your hands or start sticking to themselves. With other stickers, even the slightest mistake could potentially turn the decal into a ball. Not so with our Peekaboo.

3. Apply

Here’s where you’ll notice an immediate difference. Take your time in applying, because once you apply it, you’re done. You’ll be able to stand back and look at your Peekaboo from afar. It looks like a lot of work for a precision application, but it’s done in seconds.


Show off to your friends. Be original. Stand out from the crowd. Whatever your reason for using the Peekaboo, one thing is clear: you’re not going to be just another driver on the road. You’ll have a little extra razzle-dazzle without venturing into tacky territory.

Sticker fanaticsSticker fanatics

Who Are We?

We’re sticker fanatics. We mean that in the truest sense of the word: fanatics. We’re a little extreme. We see the world as an empty canvas waiting to be covered in stickers. Stickers aren’t just a nice addition to a car. They make the car look good.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit over-the-top. But that’s how seriously we take this business.

As a family-owned company from Cali, we know you have a lot of choices out there. You might not think there’s a lot to separate low-quality decals from the high-quality ones. But remember, you’re talking to fanatics here. We take this seriously. And we know how frustrating it can be to see your poor-quality decal wash off after a few rains. We know how frustrating it is when it starts to fade within a year, or when it bunches up in your hands before you even get to apply it.

Our vision is simple: create high-quality decals that are simple to use: just peel, apply, and enjoy many happy years with a silly car decal that makes you—and other people on the road—smile.

As we said, we’re fanatics. We’re about more than spreading stickers. We’re about spreading a little fun into everyone’s day.

Car decals made in the USACar decals made in the USA

Made In The USA

Our stickers are made from 100%, made-in-the-U.S.A. materials. We manufacture them in the USA. That means no corners are cut. With us, you’re getting the genuine article.

✓ FOOL-PROOF. Apply it in 3 simple steps: wipe, peel, and apply! This is a frustration-free approach when other decals may require wetting, squeegeeing, and even leaving your car to dry for 24 hours. With Peekaboo, you’ll have a pain-free experience
✓ DURABILITY. We use UV laminate to give this an outdoor rating, resulting in a strong car decal that can withstand tough environments. Put your decal on, and count on it looking great for years to come
✓ KEEP YOUR PAINT. If you ever need to remove it, you can be confident our special adhesive won’t damage the vehicle paint underneath. You don’t have to risk your paint to have a great decal
✓ VERSATILITY. Car, van, truck, semi, motorbike, window, laptop, door, wall—just about anything you can think of with a hard, flat surface will do! Express your individuality all across your favorite things
✓ MADE IN THE USA. 100% designed and manufactured in the USA. That means no skimping on quality. Just durable, reliable materials you can trust


Lily’s Puzzles – Peekaboo Car Decal – Bumper Sticker for Cars, Trucks, Laptops & More
Lily’s Puzzles – Peekaboo Car Decal – Bumper Sticker for Cars, Trucks, Laptops & More
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