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Shikizakura Sci-Fi Battle Anime Posts 2nd Video, More Cast Members – News


Tokai On Air YouTubers join fall “near-future science-fiction battle action” anime

The official YouTube channel for Chukyo TV and Sublimation‘s original “near-future science-fiction battle action” anime Shikizakura began streaming the second full promotional video for the anime on Friday. Like the first video, the new one previews the anime’s ending theme song “Shikizakura” by May’n.

The anime’s staff also announced that Mushimegane and Toshimitsu of the YouTuber group Tokai On Air are joining the cast. Mushimegane plays Endō, a stage actor who immersed himself so much into a certain character role that he hears whispers from that character as a hallucination. Toshimitsu plays the Koala hallucination.

The anime will premiere in October. The first episode of the anime debuted on the Anime Expo Lite online event on Sunday. Anime Expo describes the anime:

In the place of Shikizakura (cherry trees), where autumn leaves and cherry blossoms are flourishing and where the human world intersects with the demon world, a ritual to save the human world is about to begin…

Kakeru Miwa, a high school student, gets involved in a battle between powered suits and oni that emerge from the demon world to prey on Onis manifest themselves in this world by possessing humans.
Only “Yoroi,” powered suit that is a fusion of ancient secrets and cutting-edge technology,
can protect people from onis. Kakeru puts on a Yoroi by chance and becomes a semi-official member of a team that fights against onis.

Determined to become a hero, Kakeru battles Onis to protect Ouka Myojin, the shrine maiden destined to save the world. In the season of Shikizakura, in midst of autumn leaves and a flurry of cherry petals, Ouka performs a dance as a shrine maiden. At the place where the past and the future, this world and the alien world, people’s thoughts and hopes all meet, a tale of heroic action-adventure begins!

The anime is set in the Tōkai region, and most of the series’ main staff members are based in the area. Shin’ya Sugai (Walking Meat) is directing the anime at Sublimation (Love Live! Sunshine!!, Ghost in the Shell Arise, Yamato 2202 CG animation), with Tomoyasu Nishimura (Maria the Virgin Witch, Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit) as producer. Both Sugai and Nishimura are board members of Sublimation. Ryōga Inoue (K&K Design) is credited for character designs, and Manabu Nakatake (Sket Dance) is designing those characters for animation. Takumi Saitou is credited as both composer and sound director.

Asuka will perform the opening theme song “Believe Myself.”

TYK Promotion, which is based in Nagoya, Aichi, held auditions for new voice actors for the anime’s seven main characters. The staff also held an audition for an English-speaking role in the anime at Anime Expo in July 2019. The anime’s main staff judged the audition.

Sources: Shikizakura anime’s YouTube channel, Comic Natalie


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