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Showtime! Manga About TV Idol’s Prohibited Romance Gets ComicFesta Anime – News


Suiseisha opened a website to announce that Mai Kirikiri’s Showtime! ~Minami O-jō-san Datte H Shitai (I Want to Have Sex With Minami Even If She’s a Songstress) manga is inspiring a ComicFesta Anime (AnimeFesta Original) series that will premiere online and on television on October 3. The anime is titled Showtime! ~Uta no O-jō-san Datte Shitai (I Want to Do It, Even If She’s a Songstress).

The Reincarnated Into Demon King Evelogia’s World anime will also run during the same programming block. This fall will be the first time that two new AnimeFestival Original series will air and stream in the same season.

The story of Showtime! ~Uta no O-jō-san Datte Shitai begins when Shōji Fujimoto, a widowed single father who aspires to be a picture book author, encounters Minami Takasaki, a singing idol on the children’s education show O-jō-san to Uta-ou! (Let’s Sing Along With Our Songstress!), outside work. As a television idol for children, Minami is lonely in her private life and is not allowed to fall in love. Any scandals are absolutely prohibited. Thus begins an adult love story with a songstress.

The cast includes:

Unlike many of the previous ComicFesta Anime projects, the main cast is the same for both the “on-air version” and the more explicit “premium version” of the anime.

Saburou Miura (My Matchmaking Partner is a Student, An Aggressive Troublemaker) is directing and scripting the anime at Rabbit Gate. Kenichi Hamazaki is designing the characters, and LAZZ is the chief animation director.

Chiwamushiro is the color key artist. Mame and Kanade Sakaguchi are the art designers, and Mame is also the art director. Mito Kanda is the compositing director of photography, and Katsutomo Kunisawa is editing.

Hisayoshi Hirasawa is the sound director at Studio Mausu, and Picante Circus is producing the project.

The anime’s premium version will premiere first on the AnimeFesta service on October 3 at 24:00 (effectively, October 4 at midnight). It will then air on the Tokyo MX channel on October 3 at 25:00 (effectively, October 2 at 1:00 a.m.) before running on BS11. ComicFesta Anime‘s YouTube channel and other services will also stream the on-air version.

Suiseisha will publish the manga in print on September 21. Kirikiri also created a manga under the different title Uta no O-jō-san Datte H Shitai ~Konna Kao, TV no Mae no Minna niwa Miserarenai yo.

Source: Showtime! ~Uta no O-jō-san Datte Shitai anime’s website, Anime! Anime!


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