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Star Wars: Visions Anime Shorts’ New Visual Teases Main Leads – News


Lucasfilm unveiled a new visual that assembles the main leads from its Star Wars: Visions anthology of animated shorts on Thursday.

The characters in the visual include the red lightsaber-wielding Ronin and companion droid R5-D56 (“The Duel”), the blond-haired Haru with red hair ornaments and the masked Vaan (“The Village Bride”), the boy-like T0-B1 droid from the short of the same name, the green-eyed villain Masago (“Akakiri”), the rabbit-like girl Lop and the short orange droid TD-4 (“Lop & Ocho”), Boba Fett (“Tatooine Rhapsody”). the lightsaber-wielding Karre and the mysterious red-lined masked character (“The Twins”), the blue lightsaber-wielding Dan (“The Elder”), and the blue lightsaber-wielding Juro (“The Ninth Jedi”).

Star Wars: Visions will debut on Disney+ on September 22. The shorts included in the anthology, as well as their animation studios, include:

Disney previously described the project as “several of the leading Japanese anime studios offering a fresh and diverse cultural perspective” in 10 shorts this year.

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