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Suntory Promotes Recycling with Looping Animation – Interest


On June 5, beverage maker SUNTORY commemorated World Environment Day by sponsoring a looping animation with a recycling theme. The list of contributing animators includes Nichijou manga creator Keiichi Arawi.

The animations can be watched on YouTube throughout all hours of the day:

The full list of contributing animators is as follows:

  • Keiichi Arawi
  • Kairi Unabara
  • eieioooo
  • Ōkubo
  • Sawako Kageyama
  • Kumadomo (Ame)
  • Izumi Kanae
  • Heihachi
  • misato.
  • Yoriko Mizushiri
  • Munuone
  • Eugene

Singer-songwriter Mashinomi provided the music.

SUNTORY debuted an official website on June 2 to promote the act of recycling bottles. The animations also debuted as a regular weekly program on the MBS television channel from June 5. Titled “Yoru wa Mawaru yo,” it is Japan’s first ever TV program dedicated to looping animation. (The title is a palindrome when written with hiragana characters.)

According to the program’s website, a second batch of animations is currently in the works.

Sources: SUNTORY official website, Catsuka


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