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Voice Actor Chiharu Sawashiro Diagnosed With COVID-19 – News


Talent agency Stay Luck announced on Saturday that voice actor Chiharu Sawashiro tested positive for the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) on Saturday. Sawashiro took the test due to possibly coming in close contact with someone else who contracted the disease. The agency said Sawashiro is currently asymptomatic and his condition is stable, but he will continue to be observed and treated per the guidance of medical and health care facilities.

Sawashiro is the younger brother of voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro. Some of his more prominent roles include Banri Settsu in A3! Season Autumn & Winter, Nozomu Nanase in TsukiPro the Animation, Kenji Mitsuda in Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway, Nagata in Mr. Tonegawa, Heinlein in Mysteria Friends, Argon in Show By Rock!!#, Takeru Andō in Cheer Boys!!, and Ritsu Shikishima in Caligula.

Image via Chiharu Sawashiro‘s Twitter account

Source: Stay Luck’s Twitter account via Otakomu


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